Autumn in the United States Photos - National Geographic

Autumn in the United States Photos - National Geographic

Seeking new friends
frankbook - spring
Hi, autumn_addicts. I live in Phoenix, where up until this past weekend, it was still 100 degrees outside.

Anyway, autumn is my favorite season, and since I don't get to experience it here, I was hoping I could live vicariously through some of you guys.

Plus, I'm seeking new active LJ friends. I figured autumn lovers have got to be nice people.

So, if any of y'all are okay with me adding you, just go ahead and add me and I'll add you back, and we will begin a beautiful new friendship - almost as lovely as fall itself. :)



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Avengers → Shoot to Thrill
33 autumn and Halloween stock icons

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Max - Where the Wild Things Are hood
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Fall fever, Catch it!
Speed Bump
August 19, 2010 from

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I went to my local cemetary with the hope of getting some shots for you people, but sadly most of the trees were still quite green.

Here are the photos anyway. It was still a nice day.

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stock// ring tree
[17] - Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas (including animations)
[29] - Corpse Bride (including animations)
[09] - Tim Burton's Vincent (including animations)
[12] - Drag me to hell
[07] - Dorian Gray
[33] - The Ring (including animations)
[18] - Sweeney Todd
[22] - Sleepy Hollow
[16] - Interview with the vampire
[17] - Harry Potter (including animations)
[13] - Nosferatu (including animations)
[60] - Stock Halloween

[03] - The Ring
[02] - Halloween


Here @ bloomyicons if you're interested!

ahhh fall!
I joined this community years ago and pop in like once a year. sad, I know. I just (finally) added it to my fpage, though, so I can follow it better :)

any midwesterners here? how'd ya like the mild summer/early fall? I was ready to decorate by early august, but my husband made me hold off. :P

I made some cute little halloween chocolates... anyone interested in seeing pics, they are here.


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